Established in 1995, K. Heinonen Eesti OÜ is a company providing international transport based on Estonian and Finnish capital.

What we do:

  • Door-to-door transport between Finland and Estonia on a regular basis, and to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries in cooperation with our partners.
  • Transport of certain goods from point A to point B, as well as transport with intermediate terminals, involving our cooperation partners.

The foundation for the services that we offer is high quality, confidentiality, and discreetness. We boast long-term customer relations, a pleasant work environment, and a stable team. We have long experience in coping with a range of situations. We have our own vehicle fleet that is constantly being maintained by specialists in the field. We handle full container loads and less than container loads, and ADR transport. All of our trailers are refrigerated trailers and some of them feature multi-temperature equipment. Partitions allow for the division of a trailer into several parts, maintaining different temperatures in the different parts.

Our advantages are flexibility, friendly and open communication, and constant availability to our customers. You can trust us!

Our mission is to provide the best transport service.

Our vision is to be an innovative and flexible business.

Our corporate values:

Quality – We offer a quality transport service and safeguard the interests of our customers.

Personal Approach – We communicate with every customer individually and offer the best solution.

Trust – Trust us with your goods and you will not be disappointed. For us, an oral agreement is a commitment as well.

Effectiveness – We will find the best solutions to get your goods to the destination.

Confidentiality – We keep and guard the business secrets of our customers.

Honesty and Justice – We are honest and act with integrity. We communicate clearly, and provide and welcome constructive feedback.

Legitimacy – We operate based on the law and our ethics policy. We keep our promises and promote lawful conduct.